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Originally from down South I moved up to Manchester in Greater Lancashire around 20 years ago.

Once I moved up here I realised that the Northwest was be somewhere I wanted to make my home.

LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

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I found the people friendlier, the creative scene in Manchester really thriving and I loved everything about being in Manchester. Well maybe apart from the weather haha.

Once I decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer I knew that Lancashire would be where I was going to have my career and it really is an a wonderful place to work and live.

The LGBTQ+ community in the Manchester is thriving and yet there are still some places where LGBTQ+ couples may not find the support they need when planning their wedding. I have spoken to couples who have encountered prejudice or awkwardness.

It is very important to book a pre wedding shoot with your wedding photographer to ensure they are comfortable with posing you and there is no awkwardness. One lesbian couple got in touch with me recently in a panic. Their wedding photographer had taken some photographs of them during a pre shoot session.

They weren’t entirely happy with the result and asked their photographer to work with them to get the kind of photos they wanted. Instead of compromising with them and working together to help them get the wedding photographs they wanted he decided he wasn’t the right photographer for them and decided he wasn’t going to photograph their wedding at all.

When Sophie called me she wanted the reassurance of a wedding photographer who was comfortable shooting a lesbian wedding. Luckily I was available on their wedding date and was able to help them out.

Their pre shoot is at a beautiful location called Fairy Glen in Lancashire and their wedding is at Briars Hall Hotel in Ormskirk. I am so excited to help them get the best wedding photographs of their special day.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

Last year I had the pleasure of photographing Stephen and David’s wedding in Bury, Lancashire. These two came to me as they wanted someone who was comfortable photographing gay weddings.

From the moment I spoke to Stephen I felt an incredible warmth from him and we clicked straight away. In fact he booked me straight away from one phone call which almost never happens.

The fact he was so confident in me and knew I was the right wedding photographer to capture his gay wedding was such a special feeling.

Stephen and David have encountered more prejudice than most gay couples. They have a 20 year age difference and Stephen has Cerebral Palsy so there are a few reasons why certain wedding suppliers that they came across were not particularly comfortable. David has often been referred to as Stephen’s carer when pushing him around in his wheelchair.

Although Stephen laughs about this it must also be hard to come across prejudices like this in every day life. I wanted to ensure I helped make their wedding as smooth as possible for them.

When we met at the wedding venue we decided that as there was an East Lancashire train station near by in Ramsbottom we would go there for some couple portraits.

They are both train enthusiasts so were really happy to have some wedding photos taken on a traditional train station platform.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

Love is love and I feel so privileged to get to photograph all couples weddings days on what is usually the best day of their lives.

When you walk down the aisle and see your partner waiting for you at the end or even walk down the aisle together nothing else matters. This wonderful day should be all about you.

No matter what gender or sexual orientation you have. Sometimes it makes me so angry and upset that there are still wedding suppliers out there who are stuck in traditional ways and do not embrace the concept that ‘love is love.’

For me there is no other way, it is completely ingrained in me that every unique and wonderful couple deserves happiness and the right to celebrate their love in any way they choose to.

Wedding photography is such an important part of your LGBTQ+ wedding and you need to ensure you are in the safe hands of a wedding photographer that gets you.

The best way to do this is to firstly find a photographer that is all inclusive on their website, then have a conversation with them in person.

Then ideally have a meeting and a pre wedding shoot to make sure they actually believe in what they are telling you and not just writing words on a website.

Many of my closest friends are in the queer community and I love nothing more than a night out in the Gay Village celebrating all kinds of love so I will never be uncomfortable around LGBTQ+ couples and will embrace wholeheartedly any couple I encounter.

Please get in touch if you are a LGBTQ+ couple in Lancashire and would like to book me to be your wedding photographer.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
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