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I have worked in the fashion industry for a long time and have always been involved with and been friends with creative and diverse people.

I have made it my priority to be as inclusive as possible and ensure that I make everyone feel completely comfortable in front of the camera

LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

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I have heard from some same sex couples that finding a wedding photographer who understand their needs and can photograph them in a natural and easy manner can be a challenge.

There are so many wonderful wedding venues in Cheshire and I have some great same sex couples booked in for their weddings in 2023 and 2024.

One of my favourite LGBTQ+ weddings to photograph was the elopement of Anles and Richard, a wonderful gay couple who entrusted me to be their wedding photographer.

They had the legal part of their wedding at the registry office in Manchester City Centre and then wanted to have some romantic photographs somewhere in the countryside.

On a summer evening during golden hour we decided to put on our walking boots and go to a stunning location called Black Rocks in Cheshire. The photo shoot started with a walk through some long grass which looked beautiful as the guys trailed their hands through it.

The sun was setting and my favourite time of day meant the photos looked magical and romantic as we carried on our walk.

We had a small rain shower but that didn’t dampen our spirits on the photo shoot and I was extremely happy with the results of this gay couple’s wedding photographs in an elopement style.

Cheshire has some of my favourite wedding venues to shoot at and since I moved out of Manchester into the countryside it is where I feel most at home.

Photographing LGBTQ+ weddings in the city centre will always have a place in my heart but I love having a stunning countryside backdrop to photograph against.

Being an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer in Cheshire means I get to spend time with couples that I enjoy photographing in venues that I love. I can not wait to photograph some of my amazing LGBTQ+ weddings in Cheshire in 2023 and 2024.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

Being an all inclusive wedding photographer is something I have always taken pride in. I shot a beautiful transgender wedding in Manchester recently.

Cloud and Kaylee were a wonderful trans couple who wanted to show their love by getting married in the city centre. With certain wedding suppliers and wedding venues still being hung up on traditional wedding couples it is so important to be welcoming and all inclusive to all non traditional couples.

It is to be expected that gay or lesbian couples may encounter stressful events or unseen problems getting ready for their wedding days so trans couples may have even more issues to encounter while planning their big day.

Not everyone is supportive when it comes to transgender weddings, from family members to suppliers to venues trans couples can encounter all sorts of issues when planning their weddings. I wants to ensure that my part of helping with the wedding planning runs as smoothly as possible.

Because I am very comfortable photographing transgender and LGBTQ+ weddings I will help make your wedding day as easy and stress free as possible.

At the end of the day love is love and all couples will go through stresses trying to plan and organise their wedding day, there might be different issues with LGBTQ+ couples but things will work out.

Everyone deserves to walk down the aisle and call the person they love their wife, husband or lovely gender-neutral spouse and that will easily be worth all the stress.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester

When planning your LGBTQ+ wedding, seek out vendors who are part of your queer-lovin’ community. Ask your suppliers questions to maks sure they are advocates of the LGBTQ+ community.

I have met wedding photographers who are uncomfortable posing gay and lesbian couples and find it awkward to pose them. I read on a wedding photographer forum once a phiotographer asking how to pose a gay couple and I just didn’t understand it.

In my eyes there is no difference in shooting a straight, lesbian, gay or trans couple. Yes there maybe a few slight tweaks to the posing or the positioning of the couple but other than that I am all about capturing the love and that doesn’t change whoever you are.

While making a wedding preparation checklist, photography is one of the most important items to consider. Every couple has one or several favorite moments they would like captured by the lens.

These moments can be specified to a photographer to ensure that they do not miss. Please let me know which particular moments are special for you. I am there for you on your wedding day but having a guideline for your wedding photographer to follow loosely on the day ensures that nothing is missed on the day.

For any LGBTQ+ couples getting married in Cheshire please get in touch if you’re looking for your wedding photographer.

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LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer Manchester
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