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I am a professional commercial photographer based in Manchester, I am easy going and happy to travel wherever your corporate photography project takes me.

Photographer Manchester

Professional Corporate Photography in Manchester

Hourly rate £200 with half day and full day discounts available.

I moved to Manchester from London in 2004 and since then the city of Manchester has grown and boomed exponentially in a way that no one could have possibly predicted. It is so exciting to be a part of a city that is constantly evolving and changing around us.

So many businesses have moved from across the country to Manchester and made this city the place it is today. With over 15 years experience in commercial photography in Manchester I am completely comfortable in taking on any project that you may have.

This may range from corporate head shots of all your team members to marketing or advertising photography to showcase your product. I have some commercial clients in Manchester who book me regularly for head shots and events over the years and it is great to have regular clients who like to rebook me.

I feel like the opportunities as a commercial photographer in Manchester have grown recently with the amount of businesses that have moved to Manchester. Salford Quays is one of the areas that has booked so much over recent years. The whole of the BBC moved up to Manchester a few years ago and that has made the area so much busier and so many more opportunities for people in the area.

Most people in a corporate environment dread the day they have to have their headshots taken but I can help you achieve the best possible result with years of experience behind the camera. My aim is to try to photograph people in a relaxed, friendly manner to help ensure the best results are obtained from each session.

I'm always more than happy to offer advice for capturing the best corporate portrait, be it an individual or large corporation. Although I'm Manchester based I cover work throughout the UK which is always helpful for organisations with multiple sites, ensuring a consistent look. The key to a good headshot is a relaxed subject in a friendly environment.

My approach to portrait photography has always been keeping things casual for the best professional results. I'll always chat through the requirements of a headshot photography session and offer advice before the portrait session, helping ensure you get the most out of the experience!

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Corporate Photographer Manchester
Corporate Photographer Manchester
Corporate Photographer Manchester
Corporate Photographer Manchester

PR photography is required to tell a story and to ensure you have the best possible photographs to promote your brand. With an PR photography brief we would need to collaborate and meet beforehand to discuss your photography requirements and ensure that the end result you are looking for is achieved.

With the amount of time and cost involved in organising and running an event, you want it to be shown off at its best through any corporate event photography undertaken. I'll chat through the details and running order prior to the event to make sure the important aspects are captured.

Even with the best of planning circumstances can often change so I like to adopt a flexible approach while covering your corporate event to ensure nothing is missed. Although I am based in Manchester I would travel across the whole of the UK to ensure I could cover the photography at any corporate event for you.

As a commercial photographer I shoot images that help my clients sell their products and services. I work alone but have a team of other professionals that I work with, based in and around Manchester. Because I have been in the photography industry so long these are incredibly talented people who can help ensure your corporate photography looks professional and everything you want it to be.

I work with amazingly talented make up artists, models, clothing and lifestyle stylists and videographers so can offer you the complete package. I can provide package prices including all these services so you don’t have to worry about a thing and you can leave all the organising to me.

Ensuring your company has current and up to date corporate photography can help your business create a long lasting impression on your customers. Especially with such an emphasis now on online marketing and social media it is so important to ensure your online presence looks fresh, current and relatable.

Having up to date commercial photographs for your business can help increase sales and help your business succeed in this uncertain economic climate that we are in right now. Since Covid struck customers are much more likely to book services and order products online.

That is why businesses need to make sure their images online look great. Finding the right corporate photographer for your business can help you succeed today. I would love to be able to share my expertise and knowledge of corporate photography with you so please get in touch today.

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