Article by Kellianne Newiss

LGBTQ+ Wedding Shoots Manchester

Photographer Manchester

Manchester has such an amazing, vibrant LGBTQ+ community and for me it is so very important to be able to represent gay, lesbian, trans and non-binary couples with my wedding photography.

With Manchester Pride a yearly occurrence and the Gay Village being one of the most thriving spots in Manchester you would assume that Manchester is forward thinking when it comes to representing the LGBTQ+ community.

I think in many areas Manchester is forward thinking but some parts of the wedding industry may be a bit farther behind. I have come across venues that may only refer to bridal prep room or only have literature that refers to the bride and groom.

I always want to show and represent love between everyone… Love is love and I celebrate love in all its forms. When I hear that couples come across prejudice within the wedding industry it upsets me so much.

Why should certain couples feel segregated or unable to express their love towards one another because they don’t fall into a traditional bride and groom package. I have photographed the weddings of trans, gay and lesbian couples and each one is so important to me as it makes me realise how far we have come since gay weddings were finally legalised.

I feel really passionate about supporting the LGBTQ+ community with my wedding photography and am here for your wedding or celebration of love, however you choose to express it. From intimate elopement weddings to big elaborate weddings I have experienced photographing them all and I am confident I can creatively tell your love story with compassion, honesty and

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