Article by Kellianne Newiss

Behind The Scenes

Photographer Manchester

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a fashion shoot? Here are some behind the scenes photos from a recent fashion photography shoot for Legacy Studios shot at the Photocove Manchester.

All the clothes are prepped by the stylist before the shoot and ordered into the outfits that the model will wear on the day. Usually garments get wrinkled during transit and need to be steamed so that is usually the first job of the day. This tends to happen while the models are having their hair and make up done so that when they are done the clothes are ready to go.

After some much needed coffee then we are ready to go… The model stands in on set while we make sure the lights are right and then we are ready to go. We shoot tethered straight into Capture One so we can see the shots as we photograph them during the day and make amendments as we go.

Music is a really big part of the day. The energy levels on shoot day need to be kept high to make sure the shots we take are full of fun and energy. I never take on the role of DJ for the shoot, my music taste is questionable at best haha.

We usually have a long list of styles to get through on the day so will take a lunch but always get back to it pretty quickly. Coffee and sugar are usually present in the afternoon to keep us going to the end of the day. Energy levels can start to flag late afternoon so we always try and keep shoot days as fun as possible.

Once everything has been shot for the day the fun job of editing the photos ready to be posted can begin.

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